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UHP Contract 2021-25


#Union101 What's a Grievance?
A periodic primer of union rights and privileges from our state federation, AFT CT

Grievance (added May 5, 2024)

CBA — Collective Bargaining Agreement (added Feb. 2, 2024)

Weingarten Rights (added Aug. 22, 2023)


May 2024 newsletter page 1

Raises Approved

Pandemic Pay Win

Amended Constitution

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Bill and Shaneé with scholarship winner Erika Miñan’s daughter Areli Wong!

See highlights from our business convention, April 12 at the Aqua Turf!

"Raise Ratification" graphic

The results of our wage reopener ratification vote are in!


Labor Coalition Video

We and our UConn Health union siblings filled Keller March 1 to deliver the resounding message to keep UConn Health public for the public good!

Produced by AFT CT

group portrait with Fund Our Dreams banner

See (and hear) highlights from our presence at the state Capitol Feb. 20, when we joined our UConn union siblings and even UConn leadership in demanding proper state investment in higher education.