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UHP Contract 2021-25


#Union101 What's a Grievance?
A periodic primer of union rights and privileges from our state federation, AFT CT

Grievance (added May 5, 2024)

CBA — Collective Bargaining Agreement (added Feb. 2, 2024)

Weingarten Rights (added Aug. 22, 2023)


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Perhaps UHP President Bill Garrity said it best, telling the CT Mirror:

“Taxpayer investments should not be used to boost private profits at the expense of patient care and over my dead body would I allow my members, who provide vital services at an affordable rate, to lose the critical benefits they rely on so that they can show up to work each day.”

Plus, read on for the latest statement from SEBAC. 

June 24 newsletter

Cain Bros Reax

Ray's Retiring

Summer's Mobilizing Blitz

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Ray in AFT shirt from 2010

We wish Ray Bennettson a happy retirement! Ray arrived in 1996 and has been involved with UHP since very early in his UConn Health career, including as a steward, negotiating team member, convention delegate, UHP representative at SEBAC, and as an elected officer for the last 11 years.

Summer and her sunshine certificate

Our recording secretary shares her account of the AFT mobilizing trip of in Topeka, Kansas, where she represented UHP this spring.

AFT CT delegation group portrait

UHP sends 14 delegates, with one bringing home Unionist of the Year honors.

Bill and Shaneé with scholarship winner Erika Miñan’s daughter Areli Wong!

See highlights from our business convention, April 12 at the Aqua Turf!