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Nominees Unopposed; No Elections This Year

Nominations for UHP officer and delegate positions were due by Thursday, February 1, at 5 p.m. Members of the Elections Committee gathered in the UHP office after the closing of the nominations that afternoon to open the box housing all nominations. Trisha Faraday read each nomination while Laura Didden recorded each name (pictured here).

All UHP officer positions went unchallenged, meaning all the members of the UHP Executive Committee who are up for re-election will serve an additional two-year term without need for an election. 

New Contract Books Are Here

Fresh from the printer, our 2016-2021 contract books are now available. We are methodically distributing them to members to facilitate one-to-one and small-group interactions, as this provides a fantastic opportunity for member engagement. 

How do you get your copy?

SERS/Hybrid Pension Calculations FY18

Important note for those in the SERS and Hybrid retirement programs:

As you likely are aware, last September, as a result of the SEBAC agreement, we started contributing an additional 1.5 percent of our earnings toward our retirement. 
This increase didn't take effect until the seventh pay period of fiscal 2018. Therefore we have to "make up for" the first six pay periods in which that increase was not deducted. These catch-up payments will be spread out over the last 13 pay periods of fiscal 2018, starting with the paycheck dated Jan. 13.

Preferred Provider Update

Some information from the Office of the State Comptroller to SEBAC about Preferred Providers

Plus, a letter about the Anthem/Hartford Healthcare dispute


Contract Updates

Our new contract is in force, and we'll have a signing ceremony after the lawyers get done with their part. Meantime:

We've been getting questions about comp time payouts.

Also, some clarification about cargiver FMLA.



UHP Represents at CT AFL-CIO Convention

UHP sent seven delegates to the 2017 CT AFL-CIO Convention, Oct. 4-6 at Foxwoods.

  • Bill Garrity
  • Ivonne Hamm
  • Michelle Proper
  • Chris DeFrancesco
  • Joyce Fritz
  • Elizabeth Barrientos 
  • Jean Morningstar


Recap: AFL-CIO Workshop on Mobilization

Joyce Fritz, one of the UHP delegates to the 2017 CT AFL-CIO Convention, shares an experience from a workshop she attended, “Mobilizing Our Members to Build Strong Unions.”